Booster Dose of COVID 19 and Ethical Issues


  • Prof Adeela Shahid



COVID 19 is a recent and global pandemic. Preventive medicine is not very popular in Pakistan. With the limited resources, an average Pakistani would spend on a medical treatment rather than on a preventive drug. In Pakistan, booster shots are recently made available only to those who can pay for the cost of the vaccine. A Utilitarian approach has been adopted at various levels since the pandemic emerged by health care organizations and the government. The purpose was to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk of harm. It is the need of the hour to think about health equity and justice in a pluralistic way and refrain from initiating booster shots for elite of a resource-poor country. This pandemic will never end if a maximum number of people are not vaccinated in each country. This is only possible if there is an equitable distribution of vaccines.